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4ArtSake launch in Hastings

Two Artists join together and launch a new venture to support creatives across the South Coast.

Mark Lowman and Roberto Landin met at Middlesex University where Mark worked as a Senior Technician and Roberto studied Fine Art.

With creative backgrounds and years of experience being self-employed, Mark and Roberto knew the ups and downs of working as an artist first hand.

This led them to launch 4ArtSake LLP in September of this year, after both recognising a need for practical and technical support within the creative industry.

Based in Hastings, 4ArtSake offer a range of services to creatives, including fabrication, event and project management.

Mark and Roberto enjoy a challenge and keep open minds about the projects they take on, which could range from an initial concept and problem solving, to fabrication and installation.

Starting a business in Hastings

4Artsake approached the Let’s Do Business Group (LDBG) for help to get up and running and successfully applied for a Start Up Loan (SUL).

Mark said:

“The Start Up Loan helped us to buy the equipment we needed, from a table saw and ceramic kiln to power tools.

“It accelerated the establishment of 4ArtSake, enabling us to get ourselves into a productive position, we learnt a lot throughout the application process, as well as gaining connections through Let’s Do Business.

“In respect to the mentoring, so far we have gained information which has led to several contacts within Hastings Council and helped us to reflect on certain aspects of the business going forward, such as promotion. It’s been invaluable.”

Support for new businesses

4ArtSake have secured a number of bespoke commissions since opening, as well as building connections within Hastings Council and some of the larger arts organisation in the local area.

Roberto explained:

“Not only was the initial capital investment really helpful, so was the feeling of being supported by an organisation that is well-connected and willing to utilise those contacts to facilitate our needs.

“Most other lenders just want a return on their investment, the Let’s Do Business Group are an organisation who want to help, supporting us however they can.”

The SUL scheme helps budding entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and running with an affordable loan and mentor support. LDBG deliver the Government-initiative across the South of England.

Find out more about applying for a SUL at www.letsstartup.co.uk, call 0844 943 2988 or email loans@ldbgroup.co.uk. Follow @ldbstartup.

Find out more about the work of 4ArtSake at www.4artsake.org. Contact Mark and Roberto at contact@4artsake.org and on 01424 272 837.