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OD.fitness Launches in Hastings & Rye

Two local fitness fanatics have combined their industry knowledge and started their own personal training company with the help of a Start-Up Loan (SUL) from The Let’s Do Business Group (LDBG).

OD.fitness was started by Oliver Cox and Daine Finch, and officially launched on 11th July 2016. They provide a range of exercise health services across Hastings and Rye.

Oliver had experience as a Personal Trainer and was a Health and Fitness Manager at a local health club. He was part of a team that developed and launched a functional fitness programme which was successfully implemented at over 60 health clubs nationwide. Daine had an amateur boxing career as a teenager and is a level  four qualified personal trainer. He also had success as a men’s physique model.

Oliver said: “The reasons for starting the business were simple; to provide an alternative option for people who have the desire to improve their lives.

When you work in the industry as long as us you see a lot of professionals – you learn from them all in different ways, what to do, what NOT to do. And after this you can really appreciate good instructors and coaches.

We recognised this in each other and that was the catalyst to create our business. We want everyone who wants it to access quality instruction that will make the difference for them. Whether that be a change in body composition, getting ready for a marathon, or strength development and rehabilitation.”

Oliver and Daine both had no experience of running a business. They found that the SUL process and all individuals involved helped them to develop the skills they needed to run the business.

Daine said: “Steve Fleming our mentor has been fantastic. He would be the first to admit his experience with our industry isn’t comprehensive, but it’s his skills and experience in business that have proven invaluable to newbies like us.

Our meetings have been productive and enjoyable and it’s the beginning of a valued relationship.”

Both Oliver and Daine enjoyed the excitement and productivity of starting their business and now have to stimulate themselves to continue the productivity to push the business to the next level. They are looking to expand across the South East and intend to work with other professional instructors to bring the quality and accessibility of exercise to more and more people.

To find out more about OD.fitness visit www.odfitnessgroup.co.uk or email enquire@odfitnessgroup.co.uk. You can also find them on Facebook @ODfitnessgroup.

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