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Start Up kicks up a stink in Worthing

A new and unique technology combating nasty odours has been harnessed by an entrepreneur in West Sussex thanks to the help of a Start Up Loan.

Biosweep eliminates bad and unpleasant odours permanently, and can be used for everything from smoke and pet odours to bacteria, pathogens and viruses. The technology uses a vapour to breakdown organic matter at a molecular level, removing the life and therefore smell from it.

After Terry Brookes left employment with a provider of this service, his boss contacted him and offered him an opportunity he couldn’t refuse.

Terry had originally set-up the vehicle arm of the business and his previous employer asked him to take this on, and start his own business providing that service.

Auto Bio Cleanse was set-up in October 2014 and Terry has grown his client from 40 customers, to more than 100 and has secured contracts with big dealers such as Peter Cooper, Snows Group, Harwoods Audi and Hendy Ford’s.

Start Up Loans in West Sussex

After receiving help from the Let’s Do Business Group (LDBG) through the New Enterprise Allowance scheme, Terry was ready to start his business but needed finance to help him get the new venture off the ground. He applied for a Start Up Loan (SUL) through LDBG and his application for £2,500 was successful.

With the financial backing and business support from the SUL scheme, Terry was able to purchase the necessary equipment, buy a vehicle and market his new business. He is now the only licensed technician providing this innovative service on cars in the whole of the UK, Ireland and Spain.

Terry said:

“Without the loan I wouldn’t have been able to start the business at all, I was able to buy the things I needed to get it up and running. I had no money whatsoever, I’m extremely grateful for all the help I received.”

With his reputation growing throughout the UK, Terry has his sights set on expanding the business to service lorries, aeroplanes and boats.

The SUL scheme is a government-initiative delivered throughout the South of England by the LDBG, with the aim of making finance and mentoring accessible to new businesses. Since the schemes launch in September 2012, LDBG have helped more than 2,500 businesses to start-up with in excess of £4.7 million in affordable loans.

If you’d like to find out more about the SUL scheme, get in touch on 0844 943 2988 or email loans@ldbgroup.co.uk and click here. Follow @ldbstartup.

For more information about Auto Bio Cleanse, contact Terry Brookes on 0754 360 0986 or email autobiocleanse@yahoo.co.uk.