FittaMamma, the pregnancy sportswear pioneers

Alexandra McCabe is determined to help mums look and feel good. A Start-Up Loan helped her kick start her women’s sportswear business.


This ambition led the aspiring entrepreneur to launch a pregnancy fitness-wear brand, FittaMamma – which is now a one-stop-shop for ladies to get active and healthy, featuring a clothing range, diet advice, exercise tips and more. Alexandra aims to support active mums-to-be and help women to overcome insecurities related to pregnancy fitness – with the mission to encourage and empower women to become healthier, fitter and more confident.

Seeing a high potential for the business, Let’s Do Business Finance helped FittaMamma to market her business after it was launched with a Start-Up Loan. Four years after receiving the funding, the business has experienced 10% year on year growth and is continuing to grow a client base worldwide.

FittaMamma’s Instagram channel aims to specifically address misinformation and campaigns for change using the hashtag: #pregnantnotpowerless.


Lack of confidence is a key player when it comes to pregnancy fitness. After all, it can be a hugely challenging time to keep an exercise routine when the body is going through a life-changing transformation. As Alexandra says, “mums want to continue exercising and feeling good in mind and body but achieving that wellbeing balance is incredibly difficult with tops that ride up, bottoms that fall down, nagging backache and a growing bump.”

FittaMamma’s fitness wear range is specially designed to support women, with super-stretchy cotton-rich fabrics that are tailored to expand as the bump grows and support the extra weight. But, don’t just take our word for it.

Alexandra’s clothing line was tested by a team of biomechanics researchers at the University of Portsmouth, as part of the first study where FittaMamma’s collection would be compared to another brand, in this case, H&M’s standard fitness wear.  The participants in the study rated FittaMamma 8.25/10 compared to 3.5/10 for H&M.

Sophie Rej, who carried out the tests, said: “Our tests on Fittamamma specialist fitness wear reduced bounce of the bump in all directions by 48%.

This suggests this clothing might help women overcome issues with exercise, such as pregnancy-related pain.”


The results found that all four of the women taking part in the experiment said they felt more confident exercising when their bump was supported.

Alexandra responded to the impressive results, “it fully vindicates what we believed, and we are hoping this will empower more women to keep exercising through their pregnancies. The benefits of staying active are compelling and it’s a shame so many women stop being active once they become pregnant.”

“Our aim is to remove the barriers to pregnancy fitness so women can continue to exercise with confidence and support.”

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